• Ferguson

    The Chattering Class is busy talking about the tragedy in Ferguson...they seem more interested in assigning blame than in discovering the truth.  Police and the victims of police shootings are... Read More

  • Treasurer Selected

    Ryan Traughber agreed to be the Campaign's Treasurer. Campaign Finance Committee paperwork reflecting this was filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission and the St. Charles County Election Authority; subsequently the... Read More

  • Biography Revised

    After careful reflection my Staff and I concluded that it would be best to edit my Biography and move all the Legal stuff over to its own page which we... Read More

  • Useful Facts

    Two new pages were added to the About menu: Issues and Biography.  We are developing a Legal page to tell my side of the story in various legal disputes.

    Read More
  • District Map Updated

    Today the map was corrected and launchers our district by clicking the link. Visitors may use ZIP+4 to discover what their State Legislative District actually is.

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Aaron Ziegemeier just joined.

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