A Radical Idea: One Law for All

Draig Hodge advocates fairness in the Law. Economic equality will continue to be impossible as long as the State of Missouri plays favorites.

Many men and women have been out of work for a year or more through no fault of their own; it is time the State worked for economic equality of every person within our borders rather than extracting taxpayer wealth for transfer to a few favored businesses and groups. We must address the systemic reasons businesses small and large relocate to other States and Countries; we must simplify rules and regulations then let the Market rather than Jefferson City pick "Winners" and "Losers".


Draig Hodge will focus on:

  1. Missouri Neutrality;
  2. Economic Equality; and
  3. Government Accountability


  1. The Legislature should be forced to correct or repeal laws instead of making exemptions for the groups they favor. For example: in a bill before the Legislature last session regarding “Right to Work” without a union, the Republicans added exemptions police unions but intend to impose it on the food workers and commercial workers, carpenters and auto workers. Am I the only one asking why, if the bill is such a great idea, is exempt any union from it? One might also wonder why they are considering a bill so bad that it must be introduced with exceptions. “Fair” laws apply to everyone rather than only to those the Legislature dislikes.

  2. Let's fund government education programs (e.g. public schools) by repealing programs whose net result is the destruction of jobs (e.g. End the misnamed Total Quality Jobs Program "TQJP"). Our State gives away about $1,000,000,000 annually through a series of tax credits, abatements, deferments and subsidies which may explain why the Foundation Formula keeps coming up short. Repealing TQJP would save taxpayers $100,000,000! Crony capitalism is another name for the "Good ole boy network" and it should be retired!

  3. Government agents should be held to 20% economic responsibility whenever a Court awards actual and or punitive damages for violating a citizens’ civil rights. The Law already holds individual employees, business owners, CEOs and others accountable for malfeasance committed by people in their organizations yet under the Sovereign Immunity the police, the county prosecutor or any other person working for the government can deprive you of any or all your rights with impunity safely in the knowledge that if you ever prevail in Court their employer (read “Taxpayers”) will make restitution. The violator bears little or no penalty. Ask yourself: is it easier to break the Law when someone else will be held accountable? 
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