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Anyone can complain: a citizen takes responsibility for the republic. I will do my part; now, I need other men and women to do theirs. Who will stand up to the crony capitalists, the totalitarians and the social engineers bent on using the Law and our own money to remake each of us into their image?

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Bipartisan "Cooperation" is Ruining MIssouri


Vote Libertarian:

Freedom and Responsibility go together.


Dean Scott Hodge is known as “Draig” by his friends and fans, only his family calls him "Dean" any more. While a senior in high school he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was deployed in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the Multinational Peacekeeping for Force in (Beirut) Lebanon and other operations. Draig Hodge received an Honorable Discharge about a decade later.

Draig was appointed to the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) and Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Commissions of the City of Saint Charles during the 2000s; he was active in the P&Z seeking to find a balance between property owners’ rights and the interests of the City. The TIF Commission only met once during his appointment, that meeting was for the opening of 5th Street Bass Pro shop. He was appointed to the Special Events Commission and Bicentennial-Sesquicentennial Coordinating Committee of the City of Bridgeton and served during the 1990s.

As a professional educator Draig has taught adults in the U.S. Navy, traditional university, and at career and technical colleges. He has also as a corporate trainer, a computer programmer, health care provider, and as a medical research lab assistant. He holds degrees in Business Management, Computer Science, Biology and Philosophy; the last two degrees are combined as Philosophy of Science which deals with ethical questions and policies. Draig enjoys solving problems and lifting the human burden.

Draig's hobbies include breeding and training shih tzus, body building, and motorcycles. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves hunting, camping, whitewater rafting and hiking. Draig is a union rugby player, referee and coach. He helped start a few local rugby clubs and looks forward to the return of sevens rugby to the Olympics this year.

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The Chattering Class is busy talking about the tragedy in Ferguson...they seem more interested in assigning blame than in discovering the truth.  Police and the victims of police shootings are all innocent until proven guilty. I think we would do well to recognize that much of the anger has to do with the way these situations are handled. 

When police shoot and or kill anyone in the line of duty it is common for other cops in the same police force are given responsibility for judging whether a co-worker was justified in the shooting. Rightly or wrongly this gives the impression they are covering for one another.  

A simple way to restore public confidence in the investigations is to transfer responsibility for investigating all police shootings to the next agency "Up". For instance: the State could require all shootings by municipal police be investigated by the Sheriff of their respective County; require all shootings by Sheriff's or their Deputies be investigated by Missouri Highway Patrol; and request DOJ or FBI investigate the MoHP as needed. 

Impartial evaluations will restore confidence in the accountability of the men and women in uniform while also preserving their rights and treating them as any other citizen: innocent until proven guilty.

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Past Sins and Accusations

Past Sins

Draig Hodge made an "Alford Plea" to Domestic Assault, 3rd, related to a traffic accident on South Main Street in St. Charles. This means he denies guilt for the crime but recognized that the State might convict him. Draig was prepared to go to Trial but surrendered after Judge Nancy Schneider ruled that he was prohibited from showing the Jury evidence that would demonstrate his innocence. The Assistant Prosecutor, Gwendolyn Goeke, with the approval of Tim Lohmar, the Prosecutor, said that if Mr. Hodge showed the Jury documented proof the alleged victim had a habit of throwing himself in front of moving motor vehicles it would be "an attack on the character" of the accuser. One wonders why our government believes that the character of any person is irrelevant in a criminal prosecution. When elected, Draig intends to restore a Defendant's Right to Trial with whatever defense the Defendant deems appropriate.

Draig Hodge was pronounced “Guilty” of running a red light in the City of St. Louis in 2013 and refuses to pay the $100.00 fine. Despite the Missouri Supreme Court's ruling, the City of St. Louis persists in its efforts to collect the fine. Draig has other traffic violations largely related to Law-for-Profit schemes in various jurisdictions.  

Draig Hodge agreed to pay $1,780 to the Missouri Ethics Commission for failing to file a 1998 election report which repeated all the information stated on the previously filed form.  Someone misreported this as a civil penalty assessed by the Missouri EthNic Commission and, despite receiving a signed letter from the State stating that Missouri never had an "Ethnic Commission", he still receives harassment and false accusations.

Draig Hodge probably committed other misdemeanors but recalls few details...if the mudslinging gets down to this level then maybe the people throwing the dirt really have little to offer.


Past Accusations

Draig Hodge along with several other Libertarians was a Defendant in a 1998 lawsuit filed by Martin Lindstedt (160 F.3d 1197) after the Missouri Libertarian Party declined to accept him as a candidate and removed him from all official positions in the State Party. Lindstedt's published views were at odds with what Libertarians believe and advocate. A Federal Judge concluded that Libertarians were one of several options open to would-be candidates so Lindstedt had ballot access subject to the same laws as any other Missourian. Strangely, Lindstedt attempted to file as a Democrat, Libertarian AND Republican with the Missouri Secretary of State for the 2016 election.

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Biography Revised

After careful reflection my Staff and I concluded that it would be best to edit my Biography and move all the Legal stuff over to its own page which we expect to be posted within a day or two.

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Elect a Libertarian

GOAL: $1,500.00

We must put our money and our time in if we want to change our government.  Please give generously to elect Draig then volunteer! There is no Democrat in this race and the Republican blew his wad winning the Primary: this election is winnable...with your help.

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Useful Facts

Two new pages were added to the About menu: Issues and Biography.  We are developing a Legal page to tell my side of the story in various legal disputes.

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District Map Updated

Today the map was corrected and launchers our district by clicking the link. Visitors may use ZIP+4 to discover what their State Legislative District actually is.

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