The Chattering Class is busy talking about the tragedy in Ferguson...they seem more interested in assigning blame than in discovering the truth.  Police and the victims of police shootings are all innocent until proven guilty. I think we would do well to recognize that much of the anger has to do with the way these situations are handled. 

When police shoot and or kill anyone in the line of duty it is common for other cops in the same police force are given responsibility for judging whether a co-worker was justified in the shooting. Rightly or wrongly this gives the impression they are covering for one another.  

A simple way to restore public confidence in the investigations is to transfer responsibility for investigating all police shootings to the next agency "Up". For instance: the State could require all shootings by municipal police be investigated by the Sheriff of their respective County; require all shootings by Sheriff's or their Deputies be investigated by Missouri Highway Patrol; and request DOJ or FBI investigate the MoHP as needed. 

Impartial evaluations will restore confidence in the accountability of the men and women in uniform while also preserving their rights and treating them as any other citizen: innocent until proven guilty.

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