Why Become a Candidate?

Draig Hodge declared his candidacy because he was tired of being told he had no right to his earnings until the Government took money from him then and gave it away to people smart enough to lobby for a cut of his pay. The Governor and Legislature are either buying votes with taxes attitude or are assuming he is too unkind to help his family, neighbors or friends unless forced to “Contribute” at the point of a gun.

Some object to that characterization but Draig Hodge responds by asking them to conduct a little experiment: refuse to "Voluntarily contribute" to the State's tax and spend scheme then tell us whether the Government sends armed men and women (the Sheriff or Police) over to "Help".

Hodge's top priorities include promoting equality by ending Missouri’s $1,000,000,000 (!) annual corporate giveaways; achieving justice by correcting bad laws, repealing every exception to bad laws, regulations and rules; and by holding individual government agents personally responsible for violations of a person’s civil rights. He also favors adding "Sunset Clauses" to every new law, rule and regulation.

Draig Hodge says "Each of Missouri's Laws should apply to every person and business at all times and in all places; 'One Law for All'!"



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